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How to install an air conditioning system?

How to install an air conditioning system step by step?

air conditioning systemThe installation of an air conditioning system unit consists of several steps. The first step that the professional will carry out is, of course, unpacking the purchased device and checking that the equipment is complete. It is equally important to calculate the length of the required freon lines and insulation in advance and to take the necessary tools with you.

Once the tools and parts for the installation are in place, the team moves on to the next steps, which are described below.

Installing the indoor unit

  • Decide on the location of the indoor unit. This should be done taking into account the applicable regulations for the distance between the air conditioner and the ceiling, floor and walls. A well-positioned air conditioner distributes the air evenly in the room.
  • Make holes in the wall for pipes and electrical cables.
  • Fastening the frame to the wall on which the air conditioner will hang. Thanks to the meticulous work of the installers, the wiring remains invisible, and the indoor unit becomes an ornament to the room.
  • Connection of the Freon line, the power supply and the condensate drain pipe. If the air conditioning unit is used for heating, the heating cable is also connected by a specialist.
  • Careful insulation of all cables.

Installing the outdoor unit

  • Determine the exact installation location of the outdoor unit on the façade, roof or balcony.
  • Fixing the bracket on which the appliance will stand. This is a structure equipped with stable supports that do not transmit vibrations.
  • Connecting the condensate drain (this is located on the underside of the outdoor unit).
  • Connection of the thermally sheathed Freon pipe. Depending on the position of the appliance, it may be necessary to adjust the length of the pipe to the distance between the appliances.
  • Vent the system.
  • Check the air conditioning system for leaks using a vacuum pump and vacuum gauge.
  • Filling the air conditioning system with refrigerant.
  • The final step of the installation work is to conceal the cables and wires. 

What is the difference between installing an air conditioning system in a house and a block of flats?

Technically speaking, nothing. However, not so many formalities are required to install an air conditioning system in a detached house. Installing an air conditioning system in a block of flats and attaching the unit to the façade is only possible with the permission of the property management. The relevant authorisations must therefore be obtained. In our blog, you will find a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process.

How long does it take to install an air conditioning system?

Much depends on the complexity of the installation. For simple split systems, it only takes 3–4 hours from unpacking the appliance from the packaging to commissioning. However, for complex installations with multiple indoor units, the work can take several days. Cold-Man’s qualified staff will always inform investors in advance of the time it will take to get the air conditioning system up and running.

Who can install an air conditioning?

The smooth operation of an air conditioning system largely depends on whether the installation team has done its work carefully. We therefore strongly advise you not to install and operate air conditioning systems yourself. Doing so will invalidate the guarantee and lead to annoying technical problems.

It is safest to leave the installation of an air conditioning system to the professionals. The experts at Emergency Plumber Dudley have everything they need to get your air conditioning unit up and running in your home or flat. We have specialist tools and the relevant qualifications. We even have a crane lift that allows us to install outdoor units on the façades of tall flat blocks.

After installation, our experts always offer practical training. We show the residents how to use the air conditioning unit so that it can cool or heat without consuming a lot of electricity. We also answer any questions. Customers who opt for our air conditioning installation service can also benefit from attractive discounts on the maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems.

Opt for efficient air conditioning and professional installation

The decision to install an air conditioning system definitely pays off. If you have decided to invest in an efficient and energy-saving appliance, you should not risk installing an air conditioning system on your own. Instead, put your trust in the professionals with years of experience. Call us!

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